Sunday, 30 November 2008

Secret Wars Denmark is a Go!

First ever Secret Wars event in Denmark took place at Christiania on the 22nd Nov as part of Copenhagen Street Festival.

DK vs. UK !!!!

It all went down at Christiania's Grey Hall and the good 300 people that confronted the snow got full value for their effort!
A very exciting meeting of two very different styles. Team UK came over with two young but experienced Secret Wars battlers. They chose to bring the rest of the UK with least symbolically in ink! Even the queen played her part in this modern version of the invasion of Denmark..
The danish team responded with a political piece commenting on the freetown Christiania's reletionship with the danish police force.

Some pure and proper skill on display!

First judge "Henrik" gave his vote to the UK. The crowd's vote was heavily in favour of the home team but the last judge, Ikaros, was feeling the guest's invasion piece more and the UK boys ran away with a 2-1 victory!

So... DK 1 : UK 2
Thanks to everyone involved! and especially the audience, the artists, the judges, Andrea, Carsten and of course Copenhagen mastermind deluxe Lars from Molotow TV!

DK - Clean2 & Decay
UK - Conzo & Mr. K

Pens supplied by Edding.

Monday, 10 November 2008

DK vs. UK !!!!

It's on!

Denmark's finest will take on some serious talent from the United Kingdom on the 22nd of November. Christiania's Grey Hall will be the battle ground and black markers will be the weapon of choice.
First ever Secret Wars in Denmark!! Be there or be extremely square

Representing Denmark:

Representing the UK:
Conzo & Mr K